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October 1, 2022

The American Bar Association has declared October to be Pro Bono month.  Our goal is to have 100% of those seeking assistance find the generous spirit of our association. Please help make this goal a reality!  Click here to view the list of  available cases. If you are interested in taking a case, please contact Carol Burdette at 243-3904 or cburdette@pcbaonline.org and give her the number or the case description. Also, feel free to contact Carol if you have questions or need more information.

1.  POLK- Review of Pension/Veterans Benefits/SSDI – Placed with Alice Helle – client has stopped receiving some of the benefits that he believes that he is eligible to receive.  Would like an attorney to review and determine what has gone wrong and what can be done to restore his benefits.

2.  POLK – Placed with Jason Walke – Insurance Claim – Client’s home and garage were broken into for a second time in 24 months.  Insurance company (Allied) denied the second claim stating that it was the same event.  Client has police reports and pictures from each incident.  Would like assistance resolving this issue with the insurance company.

3.  POLK – Placed with Joseph Gamble – Tort Defense – Client is incarcerated.  Client has been sued for damages but believes that she is not 100% at fault for the accident.

4.  POLK – Placed with Mark Harding – Auto Accident – Client’s 15 year old son was driving.  The other driver was at fault.  Police report was made but the other driver fled the scene.  Client has liability coverage only and would like to recover financial damages in order to repair her car.

5.  POLK – Placed with Christine Branstad – Auto Accident – Client is uninsured and is being sued for $5200 to repair the opposing party’s car.  Client received a ticket for running a red light.

6.  POLK – Probate – Client wants to be appointed as executor of the estate in order to deal with Social Security Administration and IPERS.  Preparation of final tax return.

7.  POLK – Probate – Client wants to be appointed as executor of his sister’s estate.  Sister was not married and had no children.  Has a house that needs to be cleaned up and put on market as soon as possible as there is a balloon payment due soon.

8.  POLK – Placed with Ann Michelson – Non Profit – client wants to incorporate as a nonprofit.  Services to be provided to the Sudanese population.

9.  POLK – Placed with Steve Marso – client performed services as an independent contractor.  There was no written contract just a verbal agreement.  Client states she is owed over $4000.  Would like help collecting.

10.  POLK – Placed with Bill Miller – Name Change/Passport issue – client is a US Citizen and has a US passport.  He also has an Indian passport.  The problem is that he has a different name on his Indian passport than his current US passport.  He shortened his first name when he became a US citizen.  He now wants to change his name back to match the name on the Indian passport and get a new US Passport.  Client does not have a birth certificate as he was born in India.

11.  POLK – Placed with Larry James, Sr. – Real Property – client was divorced in 2009.  The decree states that the wife transferred her interest in the house to the client.  He has a quit claim deed.  The loan was to be transferred to his name from her name.  Wells Fargo is refusing to talk with him about the loan.  Wants help to try to get loan into his name.

12.  POLK – Real Property – Property was acquired by client’s husband prior to their marriage.  Before his death they refinanced the property through Bank of America.  Both were parties to the new mortgage.  Client has removed his name from mortgage but client need title to house to be solely in her name.

13.  POLK – Placed with Jana Luttenegger, Jason Rieper, John Harding (2 cases) – Simple will and advance directives

14.  POLK – Placed with Phyllis Pearson – Advance directives for couple – attorney needs to have familiarity with Medicaid rules

15.  POLK – Consumer – A company alleges that client downloaded a movie and infringed on copyright.  Mediacom has been contacted by that company has been subpoenaed to provide client’s contact information.

16.  POLK – Placed with Jerry Spaeth – Collection – Client states that he gave his father a truck in 2003.  Client states father never titled the truck in his name but did have it insured.  In 2009 someone took the truck without permission and was in an accident.  Client states that the person who took the truck fled.  Client states that his father’s insurance company (American Family)will not pay because he was not driving.  Client is been sued for $5,666.

17.  POLK – Placed with Todd Strother – Collection – Client sold her house 6 years ago.  Opposing party states he was informed by seller that the house was on city water.  Client states that when she bought the house she was told the same thing.  House is on septic system.  Septic System has now malfunctioned and opposing party wants client to pay for repair which is going to cost up to $22,000.  Client states she had no idea this was the case as she never had any problems with plumbing.

18.  POLK – Placed with Bill Boyd – Non-profit – organization wants assistance with obtaining non-profit status and drafting articles and by-laws.  Organization serves the homeless by obtaining housing but also provides services to the homeless who choose to live outdoors.

19.  POLK – Placed with Kevin Morgan – Non profit – organization wants assistance with obtaining non-profit status.  Purpose of organization is the preservation of Karen culture and promote cultural understanding.

20.  POLK – Placed with Robert Gainer – Taxes – client had gambling problem – won a lot of money and lost a lot of money.  Client is now on disability.  Her SSI is being garnished for taxes owed.  Wants assistance filing amended tax returns for 2005 and 2008.  Wants advice on possible bankruptcy…would this discharge her tax liability?

21.  POLK – Placed with Garry Cox – Taxes – Client cashed in an IRA in 2005 and didn’t file taxes.  $23,000 was withdrawn.  Client needs someone to file an Iowa Tax return for 2005 and then make an offer in compromise.

22.  POLK- Taxes – Client owes state sales tax from 2008-2010.  Owe approximately $7000.  Client has received an Intent to Levy for state.  Client has not been abler to work anything out with Department of Revenue.  Half of his income goes towards child support.  Can’t pay $7,000 at one time or even the proposed payment plan for state.

23.  POLK – Placed with Pam Vandel – Child Support – Client’s children are no longer minor’s and client believes he has satisfied his child support obligation but CSRU continues to try to collect money from him.  He has tried to resolve this on his own but has been unsuccessful but hope that with the assistance of an attorney his will be able to resolve the problem.

24.  POLK – Placed with Pam Vandel – Paternity – Client attempted to establish paternity of her children while the fathers were incarcerated.  She accidentally mixed up the affidavits when she mailed them so the wrong man has acknowledged paternity of the wrong child.  Client needs to correct this so that child support obligation is correct.

25.  POLK – Placed with Lora McCollom – Paternity – Client has 10 year old son.  Client’s ex-husband’s name is on the birth certificate but her current husband is actually the biological father of the child.  Client wants to correct the situation.

26.  POLK – Placed with Joanne Picray – Adoption – grand mother is currently guardian of her granddaughter.  Wants to adopt.  Mother would consent to termination.  Father is unknown.

27.  POLK – Placed with Andrew Tullar – Termination of Parental Rights and step parent adoption – father would consent to terminate his parental rights.

28.  POLK – Placed with Carmen Eichmann – Child Support – Currently $356 per month is being withheld from Client paycheck.  CSRU records show that $56 is the amount that should be withheld.  An additional $300 is being withheld by an organization called America Kids(?)  CSRU states that if a private attorney is involved then CSRU would support the claim that this amount is incorrect.

29.  POLK – Placed with Carmen Eichmann – Custody – Case is currently in Juvenile Court but concurrent jurisdiction has been granted.  In order to close JV file custody order needs to be modified to change custodial parents.  Court recommends placement with client.  Client and opposing party have participated in mediation and have signed agreement to reflect court’s recommendation.

30.  POLK – Placed with Alex Johnson – Custody – Client’s have reached agreement through mediation

31.  POLK – Placed with Tara Olivencia, Nick Cooper, Tammi Blackstone, Victoria Nwasike, Anjie Shutts, Deborah Tharnish, Holly Logan, – Dissolution of Marriage – (5 cases remaining) no children, no real estate

32.  POLK – Placed with Joe Seidlin, Lora McCollom – Dissolution of Marriage – (2 cases ) disestablishment of paternity – all parties have signed affidavits to establish paternity of biological father/disestablish paternity of spouse.  No real estate or joint debts.

33.  POLK – Dissolution of Marriage – client wants divorce and possibly to terminate parental rights of spouse due to ongoing, frequent abuse

34.  POLK – Placed with John Harding (2 cases), Sandra Quilty, Kim Bartosh – Dissolution of Marriage – (1 case remaining)  Clients and opposing parties have reached agreements through mediation on all issues.

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