President’s message – October/November 2017

PCBA President William Miller

Like many of our membership, I was saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Dave Ewert on September 10, 2017. I first got to know Dave many years ago when I was a judicial law clerk and he played an important role for the Iowa Supreme Court as one of its staff attorneys. Although I was not as close to him as others who mourn him, I knew Dave as an all-around great guy and dedicated public servant.

At the time he passed away, Dave was responsible for overseeing the bar examination in the Iowa Judicial Branch’s Office of Professional Regulation, playing an integral role in maintaining the quality of our bar. Indeed, throughout his career, Dave served the public and his fellow lawyers doing work critical to our profession that largely occurred behind-the-scenes.

The membership of the Polk County Bar Association is made up of lawyers across the spectrum of the legal profession. Some, like Dave, are in government or other public service positions, including many local members of the bench. Some are our most public trial lawyers, who media and non-lawyers may be quick to name if asked to identify a local lawyer. Still others practice for decades in private firms or in-house, impacting their clients’ lives and businesses in incalculable and far-reaching fashion.

Our bar association is strong in part because of its broad footing, set deep in the foundation of our Polk County community. I’m glad each of you, and hopefully many of your colleagues, has decided to be a member of the Polk County Bar Association. Thank you for your continued support!