President’s Message – Oct./Nov. 2014

I admit it. I’m a diehard Cubs fan. Therefore, I am usually unrealistically optimistic. Just wait until next year. We’ve heard it all before. Right now, there’s a real glimmer of hope. The team’s future is very bright. Only time will tell.

Thank goodness, I have every reason to be optimistic about the Polk County Bar Association and its foreseeable future, right now, this year. We have a strategic plan. It’s not fully implemented, of course. The entire process should take a few years to complete. The plan includes five general goals with a number of corresponding specific action items. We’re making progress on some action items. You will hear more about each of these goals and our progress in the next few President’s messages.

The strategic planning process included a survey. Many of you participated by completing the survey. Thank you for participating. Your survey responses helped us shape the plan. Most of the PCBA board members spent a Friday afternoon and a Saturday morning on this process. Many thanks for all of you for spending your time and talent with us.

Goal number one: Meet the differentiated needs of our members. The PCBA Committees, much of the lifeblood of the organization, are up and running. You’ll see evidence of these active committee chairs and members in the activities and events described elsewhere in this newsletter. Some committees and activities will sound familiar, like the Family Law Committee’s regular informative meetings, the Law Day Committee’s annual student competition, and the CLE Committee’s upcoming November CLE program.

Some committees are just getting started, due in part to the strategic planning process. The newly established Solo and Small Practice Committee has a meeting scheduled this month. If you are an attorney in a solo practice or in a small firm, please plan to join this committee and attend its first gathering. Interested in the judicial selection process in District 5C, the Polk County Court? Join the newly energized Bench-Bar Committee and attend its upcoming program this month. Reluctant to attend a monthly luncheon meeting? Give it a try. You’ll receive a warm welcome and be inspired by the speakers.

As our strategic plan says, the Polk County Bar Association helps lawyers and judges achieve success by being an inclusive organization serving the interests of the justice system and the community. We’ll do our best to meet that vision, this year, next year, and every year.