President’s Message: June-July 2016

It’s Been a Great Year

OVERBERG_Nathan -cropped

PCBA President Nathan Overberg

Summer is upon us, and with the changing of the seasons comes a changing of the guard with respect to the PCBA leadership team. The next President’s Message will be penned by my good friend Bridget Penick. I have no doubt she will be an effective and inspiring leader of this grand Association. As I pass the gavel to her, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year we have shared together.

By all accounts, it has been a good year. Our membership numbers have exceeded expectations and are higher in every segment. Indeed, compared with the prior year, we have seven more members in the 50-year membership club and 26 more members who are new admittees or law students. Our luncheon attendance remained strong and we were pleasantly surprised to see your interest in trying new venues like the Cub Club.

Our free, general CLE programs were exceptional and incredibly well attended (even for the ethics session at the end of the day on a Friday). In addition, our committees worked hard to, among other things:

  •  improve our presence on social media (Public Relations);
  • begin a tradition of hosting new lawyers for a social hour on the day they learned they passed the bar examination (YLD);
  • continue to improve programming for solo and small firm practitioners (Solo/Small Firm);
  • continue to work with the judiciary for bench/bar events – both social and educational (Bench/Bar),
  • initiate new membership programs (Membership); and begin work on a new program to equip more attorneys to take family law cases for the VLP (Family Law).

We welcomed five new judges this year (Judges Scott, Lauber, Porter, Kelly, and May), all of whom are incredible additions to an already exceptional bench.

Last but not least, we worked hard, in conjunction with Judge Gamble, Justice Cady, the ISBA, and their support team to ensure that those new judges will have furniture in their chambers and courtrooms in years to come. Specifically, on May 27 Governor Branstad signed SF2324 which appropriated $6,718,443 to obtaining furniture and equipment for the Polk County Justice Center. While this appropriation does not cover all of the Center’s needs, it is a great start, and we send our appreciation to our local legislators and the Governor for supporting this initiative.

The above achievements are due not only to the hard work of your Board and Committees, but are made possible by the tireless dedication of Carol Phillips and your talented PCBA staff. Most importantly our Association’s continued success is made by possible by all of you – an engaged, caring, and giving association of learned professionals who truly understand that being a lawyer in Iowa carries with it an OPPORTUNITY and an OBLIGATION to serve one another and your community. Thank you for taking this journey with me.  Have a great summer!