President’s Message – December/January 2018

PCBA President William Miller

As the holidays approach, Santa Bill is checking his list twice:

Good cheer to all PCBA members, nearly 1,400 strong, who support the association through their dues and reap benefits like our frequent social events and free CLE seminars;

A lump of coal to those lawyers who miss out, either because they aren’t a PCBA member, or because as a member, they don’t take advantage of all their bar association offers;

Good cheer to the PCBA’s dedicated staff and volunteers who keep our association, its mediation program, and the PCBA Volunteer Lawyer’s Project all functioning like a well-oiled machine;

A lump of coal to anyone who ignores their efforts, works around the mediation program, or fails to offer their support to those in need through the VLP;

Good cheer to our Polk County elected officials at all levels, most of whom readily recognize the value of our legal system and seek to enhance and invest in the programs and facilities that are its tangible reflection;

A lump of coal to elected officials who do the opposite, particularly without regard to Polk County’s critical role as a venue for matters statewide, or with importance to all Iowans;

Good cheer to our judiciary and other public servants, like our county attorneys and public defenders, who uphold the rule of law and ensure that justice is served equally;

A lump of coal to those who undermine judicial independence, the rule of law, and other constitutional principles for private or public gain.

Good cheer and happy holidays to all, and best wishes for a prosperous new year!