President’s Message – August/September 2018

PCBA President David Nelmark

If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re probably a member of the Polk County Bar Association. Thank you! Your dues support many great events and programs including the Fall and Spring CLEs, Law Day, and the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

This year, in addition to renewing your membership in December, I’d like to challenge you to become more involved throughout the year.

Our speaker at the June Luncheon was Mike Draper, founder of Raygun. He was incredible, and he offered great advice to the many law clerks in attendance. Mike partially attributed his success to being “the LeBron James of showing up.” While Mike certainly undersold his many talents, his point was valid.

Like many organizations, you will get out of the PCBA what you put into it. And, with an extremely limited staff, our initiatives depend on the lawyers and judges who volunteer.

Here are just a handful of ways to get more involved:

  1. Join a committee. There is probably one that fits your interests and skill set, and all of them can use the help. Committee service can also be a springboard to leadership positions in the organization. Click here to find out more about our committees.
  2. Come to our monthly luncheons. We have great speakers coming up (Dr. Dennis Klein, the Iowa State Medical Examiner, in September and new Drake Men’s Basketball Coach Darian DeVries in October). We’re all busy, but you need to eat. Take advantage of the chance to do so in an environment where you can see old friends and make new connections.
  3. Be a speaker. In addition to our own CLEs, the Association has a Speaker’s Bureau that provides guests on a variety of topics for schools and other civic organizations.

If you ever thought, “I’d be happy to serve, but no one ever asked me,” consider this your invitation. We’d love to work with you.

If you’re already doing some or all of the above—thanks again! Please consider introducing someone else to the benefits of PCBA membership. Next time you’re at a lunch or a social event, invite a colleague who has not participated before.

We’ll welcome anyone, but we’d be especially pleased to see some more diversity at our events. We need more lawyers of color involved in the leadership of the PCBA (and more lawyers of color in central Iowa, period).

I’m a fan of the saying that “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” I look forward to seeing you all do your something over the coming year.