President’s Message – April/May 2020

You’re doing great

PCBA President Donna Miller

Working from home or covering for others at the office, answering client questions, taking calls from non-clients, helping fellow attorneys by responding on the list serve or Facebook group, heck, just making it through a Zoom call without being drown out by the dog or youngest child.

Sorting through the crisis webinar emails, participating in a few of them to learn tips for this new way to practice, or moderating one and offering information and encouragement to your fellow attorneys.

Making decisions for the safety of employees and co-workers, covering for those who can’t work or need help, thinking about and planning for the future of your business and organization.

Serving the public/attorneys/pro-se court participants, keeping the system running for those whose cases and needs can’t wait.

Donating your time and money, thanking those who are working at risk to themselves, helping those who are in financial and emotional distress. Being a mom, dad, care giver, teacher.

You’re doing great.