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P: (515) 243-3904

Program Manager for Polk County Bar Association and Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Polk County Bar Association (PCBA) and Volunteer Lawyers project (VLP) are seeking a Program Manager to serve both organizations in their related core functions. The PCBA is a non-profit organization supporting the education of and collegiality among attorneys and judges in Polk Couty, Iowa.  The VLP is a separate arm of the PCBA, coordinating the provision of volunteer pro bono legal services within Polk County.  Both the PCBA and VLP share an Executive Director and office space, although each organization is directed by a separate board of volunteers. The Program Manager would support both organizations in the following ways:

Administrative Support

The Program Manager performs administrative tasks such as welcoming visitors, answering questions, managing membership and client data, and scheduling appointments and meetings, in person or remotely.  The Program Manager is also responsible for processing all aspects of the organization’s finances including but not limited to payments and invoices, membership dues and Civic Center tickets, and handling registration and payment for events and seminars.

Communication Support

The Program Manager is responsible for all communication to members, clients, committees, and the Board, including in person and through email, newsletters, website, and social media.  The Program Manager will also communicate regularly with the judges and courts within Polk County.

Event Planning

The Program Manager is the primary contact, in coordination with committees and the Board or Executive Director, for organizing meetings and events, whether in person or virtual. This may include, but is not limited to, monthly PCBA meetings and Board meetings, educational programming, and larger committee events such as Law Day, Bench Bar Golf Tournament, and other events or programs the PCBA offers.

Committee Support Liaison

The Program Manager is the primary administrative support for all committees, including attending committee meetings, taking notes, sending communications, and assisting with and attending events.

VLP Case Management

The Program Manager will greet clients, answer questions about VLP, help interview clients and screen cases, and with the assistance of the Executive Director, assign cases to attorneys and track case progress and outcome.

To apply:  send cover letter, resume, and references to scodr@finleylaw.com

Salary Range:  $45,000-60,000 based on experience.

Benefits:  Access to 401(k), health insurance, PTO, and also reimbursement for disability coverage.

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