April/May President’s Message

Why be a member of the Polk County Bar Association (PCBA)? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

First, as a member of the PCBA, you receive virtually instantaneous notification of local rule changes governing your Polk County law practice. For instance, as a member of the PCBA you will be ready for electronic filing (EDMS) scheduled to start in Polk County next year.

Second, as a member of the PCBA, you have the opportunity to receive 15 hours of FREE continuing education each year. As you know, 15 hours of CLE is all you need to maintain your law license.

Third, as a member of the PCBA, you receive an electronic newsletter and private access to the PCBA Web site. Both the Newsletter and the website contain critical information for practicing law in Polk County.  For example, the website and the newsletter advise you of local lawyer and staff job opportunities, notify you of upcoming events, and provide practical information that help you succeed with your Polk County law practice.

Fourth, as a member of the PCBA, you have the opportunity to serve on one or more of the Association’s various committees. These committees are active and involved in pressing legal issues affecting Polk County lawyers. A very recent example is the PCBA Family Law Committee and the PCBA Real Estate Committee provided critical advice to the Iowa Legislature on mortgage foreclosure issues. Within the last couple of months, the Bench Bar Committee hosted a reception for Justices Ternus, Streit and Baker. This month, the Bench Bar Committee will host another reception for our three new Supreme Court Justices. Since the beginning of the year, the Social Committee has hosted several events including a party for our Polk County Judges who were all, thankfully, retained.

Fifth, as a member of the PCBA you have the opportunity to attend our monthly luncheons. At these luncheons we always have an entertaining speaker. (Last month our speaker was Ann Seltzer from the “Iowa Poll” who told us why the Justices lost the retention election). At these monthly luncheons you have the opportunity to meet and talk with Supreme Court Justices, Polk County Judges and Polk County officials. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet and talk with your fellow Polk County lawyers. What a great way to network your law practice and get to know judges and government officials.

Sixth, because the PCBA buys a large block of seats for all major Civic Center events, you, as a member, are allowed to purchase terrific seats for all of the best shows.

Seventh, through the outstanding PCBA Volunteer Lawyer Program (VLP), your membership helps the VLP program provide free legal services to thousands of disadvantaged citizens of Polk County.

Eighth, your membership in the PCBA helps pay for the highly regarded PCBA District Court Mediation Program. (It is so highly regarded that it is now responsible for all mediation programs in the 5th Judicial District).

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Being a member of the PCBA provides you with significant benefits that help you practice law in Polk County. The cost of an annual membership is minimal (less than the cost to file a lawsuit at the courthouse).

If you haven’t already done so, please join now or renew your membership and take advantage of the services the PCBA provides. Click here to download our 2011 membership form.