March 2015 Luncheon

Gretchen Tegeler of the Iowa Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa was the featured speaker at the March 10 PCBA luncheon. Ms. Tegeler discussed the challenges facing Iowa’s public pension plans. She relayed how changes in the market, as well as plan contributions by employees and employers, affect the assets of public pension plans. Further, Ms. Tegeler explained how these plans affect state and local government budgets and how their funding (required under the law) may result in the reduction of funds to other public programs, such as libraries and parks.

Ms. Tegeler indicated that other states, such as Utah, have had success in reforming their public pension plans and that the leadership of just one individual can help bring about legislative change. She emphasized that there are many stakeholders who bring different ideas regarding public pension plans and listening to the ideas of all stakeholders is important in implementing change. The luncheon was well attended by members of the PCBA.

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