Orders for mediation forms

The Iowa District Court for the Fifth Judicial District has ordered that persons involved in domestic relations lawsuits — including paternity actions involving custody and visitation, dissolution of marriage actions, and modifications of actions — must go through mediation prior to going to trial.  In addition, litigants must complete mediation prior to a hearing on temporary matters involving child custody and/or visitation, and contempt of court actions.

Mediation is not, however, required for temporary matters that do not involve child custody and/or visitation is not required for contempt actions where the sole issue is non-payment of support (including child support, medical support, and spousal support).

Mediation must be conducted by a qualified family law mediator.  All mediators must complete a family law mediation education program approved by the Coordinator of the District Court Mediation Program.

Below are District Court “Orders” that outline what you need to do at various stages in your case.